Kynoch 433 E. Rem Shot Cartridge?


Sorry to bother you all again, but I am going through a batch of cartridges and have run across a cartridge with the above headstamp. I have never heard of a 433 if that is what this is.

At first I thought this was a blank because the case is crimped at the mouth very similar to modern day blanks or grenade blanks.

However, when I shake this thing it sounds like there is shot rattling on the inside.

What do I have here?

Thank you for any information.


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43 Egyption(sp) shot cartridge.
Used in the Remington Rolling block rifles they purchased (think riot control / forager usage)

Thanks Tailgunner.

I know what it is now. I never heard of the 433 designation, but I have information on the 43 Egyptian.

I appreciate the info.


Remington also loaded a version of this for an Egyptian government contract. The ones I have seen have all been headstamped REM-UMC 433E-1935. I have seen them with both brass and nickel primers. They were for use in the Egyptian Remington rolling block rifles for guard and riot control use. I don’t know about the Kynoch rounds, but the Remington cartridges use an extended rose crimped brass case that is loaded with 7 square lead shot in a red paper sleeve/capsule. The shot had less range than a ball round and would be less likely to carry too far and kill or injure an innocent bystander. As to the use of square instead of round shot, supposedly anyone shot with this cartridge could be identified and arrested as a rioter or a criminal when found to have been struck by square shot, as this ammunition was only issued to the police. Anyone out there know if the Kynoch rounds are loaded similar to the REM-UMC loads?


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The Kynoch shot load for the .433 Egyptian Remington contained seven cuboid shot pellets packed in sawdust in a lead tube (envelope), each .25 x .25 x .15 inches. Weight of the seven pellets was 182 +_ 5grns, the lead envelope 40 ± 4 grns and the sawdust 8 ± 1 grn.

Kynoch drawing BJ17/114 dated 18 July 1922 shows the arrangement.



Thanks for the great information Sht_LE and TonyE.

All of this information will go into my inventory.


This is a Remington manufactured round. I’ve sectioned the Kynoch and it is very similar with the exception, as Tony has pointed out, of having the lead envelope.

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Thank you TonyE for the great information on the Kynoch load, and thanks Paul for the very nice sectioned Remington. Always nice to see how these things look on the inside.