Kynoch 450 Nitro


These two are of the same calibre, but I have a problem locating them at MUNICION.ORG. They are about 11.5x83mm. What are they?



If they are straight cased rds then they may be .450 3.25" Black Powder Express and the later Nitro loaded version.


Both the cases are rimmed non-necked slowly tapering. I can post detailed measurements, I just thought you can guess from the headstamps alone. The order is the same as with the headstamp photo.


Assuming they are approx 3.25" inlength then I’d say that the one on the left is the Black powder load and the one on the right is, as the headstamp says, the Nitro load. I have the nitro rd and it looks the same as the rds shown except mine has a FMJ bullet.


Hi Sksvlad - the ‘KYNOCH .450’ hst ctg is a black-powder load. Your ‘KYNOCH .450 NITRO’ is not a factory load - it is a re-load.
KYNOCH Nitro case differs from black-powder case in having thicker and stronger case - and loaded with metal-jacketed bullet. Also Nitro has different primer mix from black-powder.


Does NITRO means nitrocellulose?


Yes it does mean nitrocellulose. Early Nitro Rounds were almost always marked Nitro to avoid being chambered in older black powder arms designed for lower pressures. There are also British “Nitro for Black” rounds, which are loaded with smokeless powder, but designed for use in blackpowder arms, so loaded to lower pressures and velocities. Hope this helps.