Kynoch 450 revolver ammo


[b]I have a full 50 round box of Kynoch 450 revolver ammo,its looks to be in great condition,anyone know what these are worth? I will post a photo for you to see,I have had several offers on this ammo 300.00 USD is the best offer I have had,what should I do here?..thanks



Jump on one of those $300 offers. In my opinion, its worth perhaps half that at most.


Kynoch ones, with that “devaluating” rubber stamp on it, will cost here a maximum of roughly 30Euros (39USD), without this stamp for the US-Market, it will be 35 to 50 Euros (45-65USD) at maximum…
So, sell it quickly to this blog, who want to pay 300USD…, before he gets awake…