KYNOCH .450 revolver capped cases

Hi just acquired an empty KYNOCH box for .450 revolver capped cases, then from the same site acquired 50 never been loaded .450 revolver Berdan pocketed cases, along with an inert complete round, would like to know what was meant by “capped cases” were these empty but primed cartridges for ye old world re loader? the pockets in the box are too deep for the empty cases and too shallow for a complete round any information would be appreciated.

Hi Robert,

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“Capped” means they are primed cases - a cap being a primer in the language of the day.

We really need a photo of the box, Please!! Is the box for 100 ?? Kynoch did use 100-case/round boxes for both capped cases and bullets. The boxes were generic with a label and were used for a variety of pistol calibers.

Chris P.

Hi thank you, i am pretty poor with technology, i took some pictures with my phone and have finally got them onto my ancient laptop (hand me down from wife) and am currently trying to get them onto the site, the box is for fifty rds,

Thanks Robert, Interesting - I’ve only seen that label on the 100-count boxes. The company address used (with “Metals Division”) indicates post-WW2 production and there might be a date code stamped on the back of the box with 2 digits / letter / letter which would tell us the actual date the box was filled.

Chris P.

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