Kynoch 470


Stumbled on to this forum whilst trying to age some Kynoch 470 ammo. Love collecting ammo and old European firearms.
But I’m stumped. Have a few boxes marked Kynoch 470 with the code 14NH. Also 24QK which come in tin soldered box. We some research does that really mean 14NH is 14 March 1922? Then if use the same system Q doesn’t work! Help.
Will try and post some pictures but if anyway can shed some light would appreciate it.


Kynoch adopted a new system from 1926.

Month code. Letters H-S used. H = Jan, I = Feb, etc., until S = Dec.

Year code. Letters A-Z used and repeated. A = 1926, 1952, 1978. B = 1927, 1953, 1979. etc.

14 N H is 14 July 1959 (or 1933, 1985)
24 Q K is 24 October 1962 (or 1936)


Ok thanks. I suppose it makes sense.
Have you ever seen ammo stored in tin soldered boxes.

Any idea of the value.


The use of " tin soldered boxes" was/is(?) a very common practice for storing ammunition, both for military ammunition and commercial ammunition.

Here’s an example of a commercial tin from a previous thread here on the Forum:

Value is subjective, here is link to a 2016 auction & associated photo: