Kynoch 577/450 box date


I picked up this full box of Kynoch .577/450 M-H smokeless cartridges just as our local gun show was about to close yesterday. It was quite reasonably priced ($25), and I was surprised it had made it through the entire day without someone snapping it up. For once, I was glad that there weren’t mant cartridge collectors here in Tallahassee.

What I found unusual about the box is the date code on the back, which was not the usual number and letter combination that were typically used on these commercial boxes.

I believe there was a thread some time ago on interpretting the Kynock box codes, but I have not been able to locate it.


I don’t know if the 52 refers to 1952 but it could. Within the British Empire throwback rifles endured for a long time on the basis that a functioning rifle remained a means of of doing all the things they ever had.The demise of the calibre has more to do with the collapse of the empire than a fall off in use. 1952 would be a turning point but not outside the time frame. There was probably still a rather diminished demand for Kynoch to meet.

.45-70 has never died out despite a 100 year obsolescence. Growing if anything

Shooting Martinis is still a part of the UK heritage rifle scene today . If the ammo was still in production there would be a (small but ongoing) market for it but it doesn’t exist.


Incidently, that orange patch on the bullet allows it to be identified as a smokeless load when it is out of the box.


I didn’t know that about the patch. That box has got me wondering now exactly when K stopped producing 577/.450.

Ten for $25 thats a very good price.