Kynoch .600 Nitro with "Pointed" Bullet

I picked up this .600 NE recently at a gun show. As you can see it has what I believe is an earlier Kynoch headstamp “KYNOCH C C .600” with a flat copper primer. The bullet is a CN solid (non-magnetic) and is of the more pointed (long ogive) varieties that are similar to those used in the .577 NE. There is a 3-segment crimp and the case is darkly toned. It also has some marker (from the dealer or previous owner) stating “PRE 1910 H.S.” I’m not sure how accurate this statement is.

Looking back through the IAA journal, I found #377 and #380 with articles by Stephen Rose on the .600 NE. I have not yet found a copy of Bill Fleming’s book for a reasonable price, so this is the most detailed info I could find on this cartridge. In journal #377, p. 15 the author states ‘The long-ogive bullet has not been observed in cases headstamped “KYNOCH CC”.’ Unless I am missing something, my example appears to be exactly that, a long-ogive bullet with the KYNOCH CC headstamp. So have I found something unusual?

Stephen Rose also says (#377 p. 14) about the primer “… the first of the [Kynoch] headstamped .600s had oval copper primers. These continued in use until the advent of the medium headstamp [KYNOCH .600 NITRO] when flat copper primers were introduced.” My example also seems to contradict this statement, since I would call this primer flat (compared to other oval Kynoch primers I have seen).

I also wonder if anyone knows when Kynoch stopped using the C C headstamp on the .600 and how accurate the statement about a Pre-1910 HS might be. Stephen Rose’s theory was that it was used until the mid-teens. Any thoughts on this?

I know new information is being found all the time, so I don’t want to take away from the excellent articles in the IAA journal. I’m just wondering if something new has been found since those were written in 1994.

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I checked my collection and I also have this cartridge and primer.
My other ones are the flattish nose types.
This same projectile was also used on other headstamps in solid, sn and split types.

Hi Ron, thanks for the info. Any idea if the date of Pre-1910 is accurate or not?