Kynoch 7.62mm x 54mm

I discussed this cartridge with Tony Edwards some years ago and he was confident that it was British and most likely of Kynoch manufacture. However, he did not know when it was made or for whom. Does anybody have any thoughts as to the manufacturer and/or user?

Jim is this not one of the rounds supplied with some machinery to aid in setting up, I have 2 of these also. We did have the packaging but I am sure we gave it to Tony?


No Rich, similar but not the same. The round you’re thinking of is this one…

Made by Manurhin, France and supplied to Sellier & Bellot for setting up their machinery. The machinery was also supplied by Manurhin.

Jim, there are several variations and they look contemporary to the 1939 Finnish contract made by Kynoch (K40 7·62 headstamp). Some have purple stripes on the case and a primer crossed with a red stripe; bullets are GM or Cu-Ni jacketed (non-magnetic). I assume they are all test loads.



So I was way off then :-) Sorry had a bad brain fart a few weeks ago not as bad as my stroke but I am a bit buggered at the mo


Thanks Fede…and for your interest Rich!