Kynoch 7.9 or 8 mm

Does anyone have any information on this headstamp - G KYNOCH G 7.9 OR 8 m/m? Is it a tracer loading? It

The “G”'s look as though they have been stamped on after the headstamp.

Yes, I would agree. Anybody know why?

It’s tracer - I’ve pulled mine & it’s a tracer blt. Not unusual for Brit firms to overstamp regular headstamps. This is a nice headstamp though - not rare but uncommon.

Thanks for the input

And once we are on the subject, why is Kynoch listing this caliber separately as 7.9 and 8mm in thier catalog while they made obviously only one case?

Probably just a marketing thing. While the military designation was 7.9mm, almost all commercial production in both the U.S. and England called it the 8mm Mauser.
Also, a lot of captured and Surplus German Mauser rifles were in the hands of civilians, and I believe (through not being a gun collector I can not say for certain) that most of these rifles were marked as 7.9 Mauser, not 8mm.