KYNOCH 9.3Mauser h/s dating

I have in my 9.3x62 collection four different headstamps, h/s 1-4 below. Only because I have a full packet of #2 with the packet stamp code 16 O L/S on the back and if I have decoded it correctly, it was manufactured in 1963. Does anyone know when the other headstamps were used?

The images for h/s 5 & 6 I have copied from the internet but would also like to know when they were used please.

If anyone knows of any other Kynoch headstamps for the 9.3x62 Mauser please let me know.


  1. image
  2. image packet code 16 O L/S = 16/8/1963
  3. image
  4. image
  5. image
  6. image

In 1995 Garry Jolley reprinted some original Kynoch bunter drawings, and here are the 9.3 mm Mauser pages from his publication “Kynoch Case Heading Bumpers & Master Markings”. Perhaps they can be of some use to you.

Thank you vidar for those drawings. Of course now is the challenge to correctly interpret the detail. On the first page which was drawn up in 1949 it appears that h/s 1 (refer to my pic) was used. On the 23.12.55 this was changed to h/s 4 (refer to my pic). Then on the second page h/s 2 (refer to my pic) was introduced on 5.5.61 which clashes with my packet, packet code 16 O L/S = 16/8/1937.
Have I incorrectly decoded “16 O L/S” ?

And of course the question remains unanswered for h/s 3, 5 & 6.

Does anyone know when Kynoch first produced the 9.3 Mauser cartridge?


I am sure your box is dated 1963 (26 years later) as the /S for steel envelope was only printed on boxes in 1960’s?
Your No1 headstamp in 1970’s Swedish components with nickel primer and nickel jackets.
Your No2 headstamp is mid 1950’s with /S for strengthened steel envelopes.
I am sure that there is over-lap when using up the old packets.

I show 5 boxes with reverse dates in the same sequence.
Year E is 1956. O is 1966. S is 1970 Swedish components.

The 9.3x62 was introduced 1905 but I cannot say if Kynoch loaded it pre-1956.

Thank you ron3350 for info and images. Yes I now accept that my box is 1963. That means h/s #2 which is on these cartridges fits the understanding that I have from the drawings supplied by vidar, that the h/s was introduced in 1961.

Your information regarding Swedish components, is that covered in any way in a book or article?

Your 5 boxes, do they contain cartridges? Only asking as I am curious as to the h/s if so.


2 boxes are full as I described. Box 2 is your headstamp No2. Box 4 is your headstamp No1.
The Swedish component boxes are printed on the side: in 2 lines of print.
Made in England from Swedish Components.

I see your box differs from my one with rubber stamp and is 7 years later production.
I am sure earlier boxes than 1956 exist. I do not have any others. Glad to help. Ron