Kynoch 9.3mm Mauser split bullet

Can someone please advise as to when Kynoch produced the 9.3mm Mauser cartridge with a split bullet.

The only Eley-Kynoch catalog that I have is for 1957 and the split bullet is not listed for this cartridge.

If anyone has older catalogs and is able to look it up for me that would be great.


Can’t really answer your question but I believe both Kynoch & Jeffery patented a very similar slit bullet. Obviously you have the Kynoch version. I have a drawing dated (i think) 25 showing a slit jacket on a 9mm Mauser. The Jeffery bit is undated.
jeffery slit jkt pat

Yes, it is my understanding that the British firm W. J. Jeffery & Co offered hunting cartridges in several calibers with a bullet design named “Jeffery’s No. 5 Split bullet” (based on W. J. Jeffery Patent of April 19, 1893).
Pete, that Kynoch drawing, do you have a date for it?

This copy of a Kynoch catalog, 1936 (not certain) shows

I have no appreciation of when Kynoch first listed the 9.3 mm Mauser in their catalogs, hence my request for help from those who do have older catalogs.

As above I think it’s ca 1925.

For the record, regarding the page I posted above from a Kynoch catalog, I have confirmed that it is from the 1936 edition of the ICI Kynoch catalog.

Still hoping to here from anyone who has an earllier edition who can confirm that the split bullet was available for the 9.3 mm Mauser pre 1936.