Kynoch all brass shotshell- info? VERY rough condition

I found this shotshell while metal detecting. I think it says Kynoch & Co “No 12”. The bottom also says Kynoch. I’ve looked for similar headstamps with the wording in the recessed ring and didn’t see any. All of the others I saw are flat with stamping.

I tried to flatten it out and measure it I think the overall length would’ve been about 3in. It’s been pretty mangled over the years by the plows.

One of the early 1880’s drawn brass cases with raised headstamp.
It should have BIRMINGHAM at the bottom.

Thank you much. I was wondering where in the Kynoch history it fit.

You are correct on the Birmingham. It’s very hard to read and I could just make out the “N” so I made an assumption.

It matches the date on a lot of the other stuff found at the house site as well.

3 variations. notice the misspelled Kynoch on the upper example.
KYNOCK%20%26%20Co%20RHS KynocH%20%26%20Co%20RHS


I like the misspelt one, not noticed that style before, I will have to go through mine now and double check what I have, thanks for showing that.


Hi Mike
I also wonder if the correct 10 & 12 bore examples have other variations in the headstamps regarding the way the gage is noted. The wrong spelling is a 12 bore example.
This is not the only example of Kynoch being spelled with a “K” in a headstamp.


Here is a box, these were solid cases meant to be reloaded , note the wording on the label.

Jim Buchanan


Hi Pete,

Without trying to kidnap this post, I do have a few odd head stampings for Kynoch which I really do like. Just had a quick search through my pictures and cannot see any misspelt ones, I will have to check what are in the draws.





Thanks for all the photo examples everyone.

I especially like the 16 pictured.

Any ideas as to the reson for the misspelling?

ETA: You’d think with the fact that they were reusable and the price of brass that the shooter would’ve been a little more vigilant in picking up the shell I found. I guess they had enough money not to worry about it?

No special reason for the misspelling - these things happened, perhaps the guy cutting the master for the bunter was not good at spelling. and remember this was in the days before “spell Checker” ! It is simply a typo in metal !!!


AH HAH, Jim’s box shows another variation HS on the 12 bore, besides the letter-size, with the 12 12. Where as I show a No 12, I just knew it must exist.

And a 16, VERY NICE Mike.