Kynoch Ammunition Works, Witton, 1898


From ENGINEERING, March 1898, split into 2 PDFs so that it could be uploaded here.

Kynoch Ammunition Works, Witton, 1898; a.pdf (3.4 MB)
Kynoch Ammunition Works, Witton, 1898; b.pdf (3.8 MB)



Great document Brian!
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Many thanks for sharing this.


Thank you - there needs to be a repository for material like this and other historical documents and drawings etc. I hate to think of how much information has been thrown out or lost over the years.


There is, it is being compiled and sorted at the moment. There is a large reference collection that has just been digitized and is with the IAA, I am also working on fully organising it and all the other documents I have gathered from the IAA form and many other forums. It is a huge task though and is taking some time but rest a sured it is being saved for the future.

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Thanks Richard - let me know if I can help in any way.


Once it is described in this article:
Do we actually know how Kynoch was stamping it’s cases and projectile bodies?

I do not remember large calibers (like 37mm up) with a clearly identifyable Kynoch marking or logo.


Great question.

I did a quick search on BOCN and a “K” was used in the headstamp of QF gun cartridge cases made by Kynoch.

Link to BOCN for a discussion on a 6 Pdr cartridge case made by Kynoch:



Brian, thanks again! I somehow expected them to have something more distinctive (fancy).