Kynoch and Eley 577/450


Along with an assemblage of a recent acquisition. I know the h/s artwork will make many of you envious of my talent, and a few nauseous. Maybe some of you can add to the details on these rounds. There are h/s pics for each round, so just ask and ye shall recieve. Didn’t want to overwhelm the post with all that.


This is but about 20% of what else I have to go through. Pretty sure a one of each type accumulation. Including a number of pistol rounds. Anxious to see what all is there.


SlickRick–Yah, I don’t think Dave has to worry about losing his job doing drawings to you, based on the “excellent” headstamp drawings.



Assemblage! I like it. That makes you an assemblagist. Try saying that 3 times, real fast.

So, do you want us to ID these for you? What caliber is that WCC 64 in the lower right corner?




That. That. That.

And it’s a .223/5.56



Ok, I left myself wide open on that one, didn’t I?

Don’t ever ask the neighbor kids if they’d like to see your assemblage. It might make a good pick-up line in a bar, though.

I thought maybe that little cartridge was a 6mm or 25 caliber. That would have made it worth something. WCC 64 on the 5.56x45 makes it a first year Winchester production M193. 5.56x45 purists may find it a little more valuable.



Fer sure a .223. At least it’s a “first year”.