Kynoch back in production

This is just really for your general information. Kynoch ammunition is back in production from a company called Kynamco Ltd, The Old Railway Station, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 &DT England.

Many of you former US servicemen will know Mildenhall, there is a big US base there.

They are making all the old big game cartridges and lovely .303s with the 215grn RN bullet. The boxes and everything are exactly like they used to be. When I get some time I intend to drive up and see them.

Strangely, they don’t have a website but their phone no is 0870 777 4215

They have some very good literature. I have some but don’t have a scanner to post it.

Hope somebody out there finds this interesting

Change that. I have just found their website

Kynamco Ltd. has been in business for a number of years, and their website appears to be about the same as it was five or six years ago. I know that they have been in and out of production in that time, or so it seems, but they are not an especially new company.

The shame is, they were going to make .455 Auto, and dropped that caliber. Don’t know if they ever made any with their headstamp. I have a boxer NPE case that reportedly is from them. I think they should have made it and exported it, so I could have gotten one box! (Hee! Hee!)

However, great to see tradition back in business again!

I visited their current place of business a couple of years ago. At that time they were geared up to produce handloaded large calibre sporting ammunition as well as remanufacturing ex military 0,303". They were also producing ammunition boards.

The main attraction was their underground firing range, 200 metres long and licenced for calibres up to 0,50". The range is in an old railway tunnel. I was there to sight in and test a new Steyr in 50 BMG and despite ‘suffering’ the blast from the muzzle brake bouncing off the tunnel walls I fired my first shot without remembering to put my ear defenders over my ears. A mistake I still haven’t fully recovered from.

Happy collecting, Peter

John, Its clear from their range of cartridges that they have been going for some time but I have not been aware of them for that long and I am usually pretty tuned in to whats going on.
I think they were selling some “match” .303 ammo a while back using Greek HXP cases and Sierra Matchking bullets. I tried some but didn’t find it all that good. Thats not a criticism of them because nobody I know who has tried Sierra .303 bullets has been impressed. They might be very well made and have all the right contours and drag co-efficients but they don’t seem to produce any better results than the budget Sellier and Bellot or PP bullets at about a third of the price.

I am very keen to get hold of some of their .303 215grn RN ammunition. I don’t suppose its berdan primed cases but you never know.
I also want to find out whether they supply the bullets seperately. There are now no sources of copper jacketed flat base bullets available in this country.

The S&B and PP bullets are steel jacketed and there are concerns about using them, although everyone does, because Enfields have quite deep rifling.

I am supposing that they source their cases originally from Bertram, does anyone know for sure?
Also I have to enquire about whether they supply dummy/inert rounds for collectors. If they are making cartridge boards it looks likely.

I don’t really want to ask them via e-mail because I find you do better asking these questions face to face.

as far as I know there are many factories that supply brass and bullets to Kynoch ( wolfgang romey,bertram,woodleigh)

First 400 H&H and 465 H&H cartridges were produced by wolfgang romey,not by kynoch and they were so headstamped.

I have a lot of inert cartridges ( factory dummies) made or assembled by Kynoch.
I bought them through the Italian Kynoch dealer,Ravizza,but I don’t know if they are still made.Ravizza told me that these dummies are handloaded in the factory.Some of them are unprimed,others have a false drilled primer