Kynoch Ball & Shot Guns load


Here is the headstamp. The body is all metal, the load extends 2/3 of the way up from primer, there is a black wax-like seal on top of the load, nothing moves when I shake it. What kind of a load is it?


This is a standard type of load for Ball & Shot Guns - but an early case - probably late 1870’s - mid 1880’s. Would like to view profile of case for clues to ‘Patent’ in hst. These Ball loads were used in shotguns with last few inches of barrel shallow rifled - poplular with ‘gung-ho’ chaps taming the old British Empire - what? 10 gauge bore diameter should be .775 inch - same as diameter of projectile. Wax was poured into top of case to hold everything in place and as a waterproof & lubricant. Projectile could be a spherical ball or conoidal. If spherical - it would weigh 646 grains. Regards JohnP-C.


here is the side view, hope it helps.


I think the patent referred to is for Kynoch’s “Perfect” metallic case - but don’t have details to hand - but believe it dated 1882. Regards John P-C.