Kynoch box codes

Does anyone have Kynoch- day- month- year box code list?
I have 10 plus yellow and red Kynoch boxes with box codes I would like to correctly date.


Here it is.



Hi Ron,
Thank you for sharing.
Exactly what I needed.
Bob R

That’s a great sheet on Kynoch codes. Is there a similar one for Eley cartridge box codes?

John Moss

Any photo of an “Explosive Trades” box?

The oldest I have is “Nobel”. (january / 20/1925)


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Here is all I have. Possibly all were from IAA journals?

Sorry but both shotshell pages are the same.


thank you!

John Moss

I was attempting to apply the Eley date code system to a nice .38 Automatic Eley Proof Load box, and ran into a problem. The date code on the bottom of the box is EO MS O.
The first and last entries seem to work well, EO = 29 and O = 1911. However, the month is shown as “MS.” The “M” works, as it would represent the numeral “1”, but where does the “S” come in? There is no “S” in “MERCHANTON.” ???

The year of 1911 works fine for .38 ACP proof loads, as the Webley Model 1910 Hammerless .38 ACP Pistol, while in prototype form in 1909 and probably small production at the end of 1910, according to the book “Webley and Scott Automatic Pistols,” by Gordon Bruce, pages 177 and 192, serial production began on February 14, 1911, with a run of 23 pistols. It is obvious that these Eley proof loads were for the proving of the .38 Hammerless Model 1910 Pistol.

Headstamp on the proof loads is " • ELEY • 38 AUTO, and the head of the cartridge is marked in typical British fashion for pistol proof loads with a purple strip across the head.
The box is marked on one side, in purple with a stamp “Proof Cartridges” on one side, and " (Illegible) Rev Cordite."

John Moss

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Thru personal messages, I have found out that the code word for the Eley dates was NOT “MERCHANTON” but rather “MERCHANTOS.” Using that code word, the date code on my proof box works out to"

EO - 29 (Day)
MS - 10 (Month)
O - 1911 (Year)

Hence, 29 October 1911. That fits in with the production of the Model 1910 Webley .38 Hammerless Pistol, which took place primarily in 1910 and 1911.

John Moss

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I thought the list was confusing with two N’s in it. Makes more sense now. Thanks.

thank you very much for this, it is invaluable to me !

The latest issue of the New Zealand Cartridge Collectors’ Club Bulletin issue #444 has a nice article about British boxes & the codes.