Kynoch box date codes on the net?


Does anyone have a link to the Kynoch date codes?
Googled it but could only find a few gun forum answers where people had deciphered for people but no actual key. I know it has been published in the IAA journal but I have only just ordered the back issue DVD so cant look at it yet and I have happened upon a couple of 9.3x62 packets - not quite in my hands yet but soon…
If not I guess I will just wait for the DVD - going to have a great time going through all those back issues!


There is material on my Website. Try:




Thanks for that.
I am still a little confused though. I checked a 38 special box ( 9 L G )that I have which seems to have the older Kynoch code style (# L L) but with the newer set of numbers/letters (the old code has no ‘G’ for the year).
Would this be Inspector, Month, Year or Day, Month, Year? Year could be 1932 or 1958 but I am leaning towards 1958.


There should be other clues on the box to differentiate between 1932 and 1958. I can’t pull up a picture of the box very clearly in my mind but things like the address, and the presence or absence of ICI or IMI etc would be indicators. If you know your boxes very well, later boxes were a little smoother as though at some stage they changed the cardboard.


A couple of pictures.

The revolvers listed on the side are no help to me with dating as they predate 1932 so could be on either date packet.
I do have an article somewhere on the Donald Mackintosh Gunshop shown on the label which should have some dates for his different addresses. Just gotta go through a big pile of magazines.

Edit to add dates for the Donald Mackintosh 191 Latrobe Street (Melbourne) address which were listed as 1947-1964 in the article I did find.


ICI was formed in 1926 although I don’t think the logo was used until 1928 but no clues there.
I had hoped they might have used the older Queens Gate London address which would have been a givaway but no such luck.
The cardboard does look like the smoother (later ) type but I have no idea when they changed over so I’m marginally inclined toward the later date but with no degree of cetainty.

Your Melbourne address looks more fruitful


I’m pretty sure that this box is from 1958. I have a very similar box in 9mmP that is clearly post WWII based on both the bullet load (116gr) and the fact that the back of the box has the IMI logo in place of the ICI logo.




I just wanted to add a footnote of my own to this thread. My observation that Kynoch boxes got more shiny as time progressed is a personal observation and should not be taken as factual.
Maybe, they switched supplier, or maybe it just reflects an ongoing development in the packaging industry, I don’t know. But I don’t want it to be assumed that it is a definitive indicator of age.


If you want to chase this further you may want to try the British Ordnance Collectors Network




[quote=“Lew”]If you want to chase this further you may want to try the British Ordnance Collectors Network


Hi Lew
The BOCN forum is very military orientated and doesn’t usually come up with a lot on anything other than military matters. IMO its not a patch on this forum for general detail.


Thanks for all the info - it is great.
I havent been seriously collecting for long (only recently started buying bits and pieces instead of just what came my way for free) so I am learning so much from this forum. Joined the Australian Cartridge Collecting Assoc. a little while back and have just got keener and keener everytime I get a new journal or auction listing in the mail. Just paid for IAA membership and the back issue DVD so should be able to come up with plenty of answers of my own soon.

Anyway, thanks again.


Great!!! Welcome to cartridge collecting. It is truly an amazing hobby and the people in it are a really good lot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.




Picked up the 9.3 boxes today. They also have the three part code with # L L. In this case it seems to be 1956 - box design is very similar to the pictured 38Spl box. I think I am starting to get my head around the different systems.
The old code was # L L and used code words for the month and year (used between 1911 and 1926)
The code then changed to an alphabetical order for month and year (used until at least 1973)
Somewhere in the 1950s or 1960 they moved from a # L L format to a ##L##L format (just my take on it from the limited number of boxes I have seen and Lews info).
Does that sound right?

The pics. I like the ‘THESE CARTRIDGES ARE FITTED WITH NON-RUSTING CAPS’ label on the side.


sometimes these boxes have a four letter/digit code ending in “S”. meaning the bullet was steel jacketed, usually found as gilding metal clad steel jacketed.