Kynoch Journal

I have identified that there are at least 8 volumes of the journal running from October 1899 to September 1907. Were there any other volumes published after this date?



Hi AlanD.
Sorry, I only have volume IV which is Oct, 1902 - Sept, 1903. Years ago I traded off a badly damaged 1904. Sadly, that does not answer your question and I am sorry that I cannot assist you. There are a number of English collectors who may have some issues or at least copies of them. Jim Buchanan comes to mind. Perhaps you should be in contact with him.


Thanks Will.

For anyone that’s in the UK, volumes one to eight can be accessed at the magnificent Birmingham Library and Archive, in the center of Birmingham.

Still like to know if any volumes printed after 1907. Anything 1914/18 would be especially interesting. However, I expect the company was preoccupied with more import matters during this time.




Sorry cant help here, I only have copies of vols one to seven.
I believe vol eight was the last one, I have never seen later ones.


Here is the link which should take you to the catalogue description of the Birmingham University.

There is also another item listed which may be of interest:
"The Kynoch journal of technical research : [records of researches carried out by Kynoch Limited]."Dates covered are 1918/19, so should be very interesting.



Thank you very much