Kynoch Limited, Birmingham Boxes

I show my collection of Kynoch Limited, Birmingham boxes in an effort to try and date or translate the date stampings.
30army showed a list of months and years that did not fit the later Kynoch Factories of Nobel Industries boxes .However the Kynoch Limited dates differ and may fit?

I have only 6 boxes that have clear date stamps:
16 H F on Morris Long. (16 June unknown year?)
3 1 G on 450/400 3". (3 unknown month and year?)
12 K H on .577 3". (12 Jan 1916 or 1922?)
9 K O on .25/35 Win. (9 Jan 1916 or 1922?)
6 R O on .500 3 1/4". (6 Sept 1916 or 1922?)
17 N O on .470 . (17 March 1916 or 1922?)

All other stamps are missing , too faint or unmarked tins (I hate tins that rust labels).
Letters F & G are not mentioned for years. Letter I not mentioned for a month.
Also there were two C’s for months which must be an error.
Kynoch Limited does not fit the 1931,32,33 or 1940 dates from the later listing.
Also where did this 1911 to 1925 month and year list come from? Interesting.

Please feel free to comment on these boxes and dates. I am no expert but do have over 700 boxes as a reference collection of 40 years. Hard to find now.


Thanks Ron,
Great collection! Do you know the headstamp that was in the 7’65/'32 Auto box?

Nice bunch Ron
My 375/303 has a soft nose Express sticker on the front and the code on the back is; “8 I 10”.
My Mullineux adapter box is missing the bottom label so no help there.
The 500 3" like yours is without the brownish band on the botton and has a Nickel Base sticker so a NFB load & the code on it is: “10 E 5”.
DSCN4978 DSCN4979
no code I can see anywhere

no code I can see anywhere

no code I can see anywhere

Not sure about the last digit but might be a 9?

no code I can see anywhere

Code looks to be under the upside down Pi figure but can’t make it out.


Neat collection, one or two I might like to have in my collection! Thanks for the pictures.

Nice photos Pete. I forgot this .455 variation dated 23 B 11 on the end.
Dan, the contents of the colourful box. Non magnetic projectile.


More boxes.
The same .303 Adaptor box but with AXITE sticker. No code.
Morris Long box with 1920 stamp and date code 24 ? ?


Thanks Ron,
Probably my only Kynoch box:

When I get time, I’ll remove the plastic and price tag and retake picture.
For now…


NICE box ! Dan

Two more here in my collection.

The first one is box only. Date stamp is faded - looks like 28 K and maybe something else. The second one is full. Looks like 10 ? ? N.


Ron I looked again at the side of my .455 Webley box, & something very faint & unreadable.
The same with the bottom of my colorful & now empty .32 Auto box.
Did see this .32 Win S.L. & code is “S I 8”.

Code on the .450 shot is “9 L 9” which I really don’t understand as the others seem to use a letter at the first.



Very nice boxes.👍
My contribution is this .303 box that i recently “saved” from half a roll of sticky old tape using a hairdryer, Zippo lighterfluid and a big box of patience.
The box code is - 8 O N - and if i got it right, indicates 08 April 1913.
The HS is K12 Vll and looks to be military when it is clearly loaded for hunting. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.


NICE Pape / Kynoch box & with the Kynoch patent version of the slit jacket, Lots of bells & whistles.

Two more
The 7.65 Mauser "24 O C’ code is on the back.

The .38-55 is very faint but appears under a black light to be “N G 3(and what looks like an 0”


I got another Kynoch Limited box. Headstamp is KL '32 S&W

Box end has:

This 7.65 Browning box: (Headstamp KB 32dotAP 7,65)

Has this bottom:

Can anyone date these?
Thanks, Dan

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