‘Kynoch’ marked 7.9mm

For info, a nice example of a ‘Kynoch’ marked 7.9mm cartridge with ‘J’ bullet, deconstructed. It has a brass domed primer, a 226.8 grain CNCS bullet marked ‘K’ on the base, and a 40.4 grain charge of propellant consisting of dark grey lamels.

An interesting twist that I only noticed after seeing my images posted on the forum post above (& have confirmed with a microscope since), the raised ‘K’ on the bullet base appears to be sitting over a faint gothic ‘m’, the Spandau mark as found on the UVF 7.9mm contract ammunition… another case of recycling?!

Apologies for raising this one again, as I appreciate there was no comment first time around, but I’m fascinated that a firm like Kynoch would’ve taken seized cartridges of unknown provenance like these UVF contract m88s, reworked them by swaging their ‘K’ over the Spandau mark on the bullet base, headstamping the plain case head with their own mark ‘Kynoch 7.9m/m’, refilling & recrimping them, then passing them off as their own product! Did this happen with other big companies of the day? I’ve added an image of three headstamps for side by side comparison: an original UVF contract 7.9mm m88, the reworked Kynoch version, and an early Eley one using original Eley components.