Kynoch Pistol Ammo made with Swedish Components

Does anyone know the dates when Kynoch began using Swedish components on pistol ammo???

Does anyone know when Kynoch quit producing 9x19mm ammunition, or quite loading autopistol ammunition in General???

I give my findings to this nickel primer posting.
Dale Hedlund’s book “KYNOCH” says on page 107 that Kynoch was using Norma primers in certain cartridge calibres in 1969. The .32 Auto was not mentioned so possibly after 1969??

I have an empty .32 Auto box 19 H S (19 Jan 1970) that mentions Swedish components.
77 gns (5.0grm) which was possibly nickel primers ??

I have .380 Hammerless short box 26 O Q (26 Aug 1968) with nickel primers but no mention of Swedish components. 95gns (6.1grm)

9mm Para Swedish components nickel primers. 3 J T (3 March 1971) 116gns (7.5grm).

I would say late 1969 and definitely 1970 for nickel primers in .32 auto Kynoch cartridges.
Nickel primers are in boxes marked in both grains and grams.

Great information. Now I know when my 9mm box was probably made.

Any idea when Kynoch shut down their Autopistol ammo procuction???