Kynoch primer sizes and Numbers

Kynoch, in its long history of ammunition manufacture, also produced Primers (Berdan and Boxer styles) for supplies to its agents and customers in Foreign climes.

The variety of Berdan primers is almost as large as those produced by RWS in Germany.

Has anyone got a Kynoch catalogue of its different Primers sizes, and Numbers?
I am especially interested in the Berdan sizes, and any info as to which primer was used in which shells ( esp. the Express rifle cartridges).

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Doc AV

Hello Doc AV, any era in particular? Here is table of Kynoch primers published in their 1902-03 price list:

Hola, Fede, Muchas Gracias,
but this early catalogue is a bit before the period I am after ( ie, WW I–WW II)

It’s good for the ML Percussion cap collectors, etc, but the data is a bit sparse of Brass-cartridge detail. (NO dimensions, types, etc allineated with “Numbers”).

Much like RWS detailed in their catalogue the actual specifications of their primers, with details of cup size, thickness, compound load, and Cartridges for which they were suited, I would think that Kynock ( at least in the 1920s and 30s) would have had a similar catalogue description, especially for Colonial users, who would be into reloading in a bigger way than in Britain.

Thanks, and hopefully someone will come up with the aprropriate information.

Doc AV

As far as I know the best source is on David Cushman’s website. … sions.html

It may not be complete but its the best I am aware of. David died last year and the website is being kept running by a friend ‘for the time being’ whatever that means.

Its been a useful website to me so if anybody wants to save any of the material on it do so now.

Doc - I have an original file from Kynoch that gives the specifications, compositions and full dimensional data on all Kynoch caps.

It would take a while to scan but will try to do so over the next few days, but I am off to SLICS next week so am a bit busy.

It is too big to post here so I will have to e-mail it to you.


Thanks, TonyE.
There is no rush, so a simple Email to

anytime at your convenience will be fine.

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Doc AV