Kynoch Triumph

Can anybody help me with this one?

I know there are other ones, with other powders used, but this is the first one I found.

regards rené

A very nice cartridge, congratulations on a good find

Thanks a lot.

Do you have any info on it?

regards rené

It was common practice for big companies such as Kynoch to market both primed and unprimed cases to smaller distributors and Gunshops to “Load their own” throughout Europe and the British Empire. Italy quite commonly had this practice, where loads were tailored to the local game shooting, avoiding costly stocking up on otherwise unusable Loads. The Shells were either ID’d by Body Ink stamping, or by the Wad stamping ( EG " E. Brighenti–Bologna ).

Whilst this was very common pre-WW II, the practice continued after the introduction of Plastic Bodied cases, and in the 1970s, Italian Dealerships and Local Gunshops still “loaded” for the Local users during the Hunting Seasons ( end of Year, after Harvest); but with today’s Industrial production economies, the Major makers have virtually closed down this “Cottage” Industry, with Cheap Loads for Both Hunting and Clay Target shooting.

Doc AV

The irony of an Italian loader using a British made case may be lost on those across the water. Today Italy totally dominates shotgun cartridge case manufacture in Europe.

I think you make a mistake.

It is France which not only dominates shotgun cartridge cases manufacture in Europe but furthermore has more than 40% of the world market.

Except Fiocchi nobody manufactures shotshells cases in Italy.
All the Italian headstamped shells (except Fiocchi) are in fact french made.

Same story about a lot of British and even US (including their big companies) hstped shells;


That’s interesting because Italian names are wall to wall here in UK. You mention Fiocchi but the biggest names are probably Cheddite Italy and Nobelsport Italia as well as B&P.

If you branch off into plastic wads then again its Italian names to the exclusion of all others. The US plastic wads are too expensive and not imported but I see virtually nothing that I could easily identify as French

  1. Cheddite Italy does not manufacture the cases but only load them.
    They are manufactured by Cheddite France (old SFM/MGM)

Nobelsport Italia does not manufacture the cases but only load them.
They are manufactured by Nobelsport Martignoni (old Martignoni)

About B&P they manufacture cases but buy them also (see below)

  1. Cheddite France not only manufactures cases for Chedite Italy but is also the number one for manufacturing cases in Europe and has more of 40% of the world market.

Here is a partial list of customers they make cases (with the customer headstamp)

Cartoucherie Senegalaise
Famae Chili
MAAC Congo
Bofors Nobelkrut
RC (Romana Caccia)
PM (Romana Munizioni)
Middle East Cartridges Co

but also to other big companies (competitors)
Eley Hawk
B & P

It is almost impossible nowadays to know who makes what exactly.

It is because of that I don’t collect shells after 1980.

After it is the mess with all these big international companies buying cases in a country(often to a competitor), loading them in another one and selling them in a third one, aso