L.c. match carton labels

Between 1961 and 1968, Lake City Arsenal manufactured 252 lots of M72 MATCH ammunition. Can you guess how many different labels were used during those 9 years?

Hint - it’s more than one. And Rene is not eligible to guess.


I’m stepping into something I know little about, but would it be 252, because of 252 different lot stampings ?


That’s a good answer Randy. You’re right that the lot number was stamped on, but I’m talking about the carton label before the lot number was applied.


Ray, I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but these would be three? One by Lake City Arsenal, a second by Lake City Ordnance Plant and a third by Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. I really didn’t check if there are small variations between the ones used under those three designations.


You are very close. There are actually 4 basic labels. One for Lake City Arsenal, two for Lake City Ordnance Plant and one for Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. But it’s the details that stretch those 4 basic labels to a total of 14. It would take a lot of photos to show the details which are on the backs and tops of the cartons.