L129A1 Ammunition specifications


I’ve been looking for data on the ammunition used in the British L129A1 sharpshooter’s rifle, to my knowledge it’s the L42A1 155gr bullet but I’m not too certain. If anyone has any information on the bullet used in the L129, such as designation, muzzle velocity, bullet length, bullet weight that would be greatly appreciated.

In case anyone wonders why I am interested in this information, I’m attempting to catalog as many ammunition types as possible into a video game to try and foster the interest in ballistics.

Thank you!

And the caliber is?

The L129A1 is 7.62x51 NATO. AR-10 type weapon.


Like Ole said it’s a 7.62 Rifle but I’m interested in the bullet specifications.

The current match/sniper 7.62 NATO round in UK use is now the L42A3.

Thanks, do you have any data on it?

Tony, who is the manufacturer of these?

Lifted from the Late Tony Edwards’ site (https://sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/7-62mm/7-62mm-nato-ball) -

“Round 7.62mm Ball L42A1” is sniper/match ammunition made by RG. It uses a 155 grain (10.04 gram) bullet and used propellant from Muiden in Holland and caps from ROF Chorley.

“Round 7.62mm Ball L42A2” differs from the L42A1 by using Swiss propellant.

“Round 7.62mm Ball L42A3” differs from the L42A2 by using Swiss propellant and caps made by RUAG in Switzerland as ROF Chorley had ceased making caps.

Tim, thanks for the info!

Yes, I’ve seen this but I need specific information such as bullet length and ballistic coefficient.