L13ai rg 89

Just to start I know nothing about ammunition or guns, I’m just really curious about this bullet I found and the reason it could be there.

Have uploaded some images:

Found in the stones at the side of St. Mary’s loch, Selkirkshire, Scottish Borders

Any info would be great

Hi, this is a British military issue training blank, in 7.62mm NATO (7.62mmx51) calibre, manufactured by Radway Green in Cheshire in 1989, Pete.

L13A1 is the model number of this type of blank. Format L…A… is used by the UK.

As noted above it is a blank meaning no bullet, & it just makes noise and realistically cycle the firearm, for training.

That it was discarded could be by accident, fell out of a pouch or pocket or because sometimes these have to be accounted for, it was thrown away to cause mischief.

It looks to be un-fired meaning powder is in it. And it is not at all dangerous unless the primer is struck.

Keep it as a souvenir or if your in Merry Olde / or home of The Bruce there might be a law against your having it.
No problem at all in the USA

As long as you’re 17 years or older this would be perfectly legal to keep in Scotland.

Thanks for your reply