L2A1 Magazine?

I hope this isn’t too far off-topic, but I’m curious about the markings on an old magazine I bought. I searched for info on Google, but came up with nothing, other than general info on the L2A1 rifle.

There is a date of 1959, L2A1, 960-0017 (part number?)
I’m just curious about what I assume is the manufacturer’s mark, two "R"s back to back, then the same two R’s and a 5 in a circle.

I apologize if this isn’t the place for this, but it’s been laying around for a while and I’ve been curious.

The 20 round magazine is for the British L1A1 rifle,

L2A1 is the model of the 20 round Steel Magazine (RR was the only maker to put the model designation on the magazine).
960-0017 is part of the NSN number, the full number is 1005-99-960-0017
RR is the manufacturers logo for Rolls Razor.
1959 is the year it was made.
RR and a 5 (in a circle) is the Rolls Razor inspectors stamping.

Cool; thanks for the info! So it’s just a fairly common L1A1 magazine. Oh well, interesting anyhow.

Yes, but…

Rolls Razor has a bit of an interesting history. The business originally produced a safety razor but later started making washing machines which were sold to the public directly using the newly created ‘hire purchase’ credit agreements.

The business collapsed in a spectacular fashion in 1964 when its main financial backer withdrew after a strike at the Post Office affected the receipt of monies owed. The effect was so great that it forced a change to how businesses reported their financial affairs.

Incidentally, John Bloom who owned the business, had one of the first corporate jets which, given the relatively small size of the business, raised more than a few eyebrows.

Just an ordinary magazine, but a snippet of history too.