L43A1 Headstamp to be identity

Found this new case from a fired blank cartridge. Its headstamp reads as follows: L43A1 RG 11.

7.62x51 mm NATO, model L43A1 (British I presume), Ranging (what does that mean?), 2011 - Is it correct?



This is the UK military issue L43A1 blank, made in 2011 at Radway Green in Cheshire (RG).

What is the design/ manufacture
Difference between 1960s RG L10A1, and the L43A1??

Doc AV

Doc, there were minor differences between all the locally produced cases, often very subtle. Some had lighter cases, longer petals on the crimped nose, twists to the crimp to ease feeding, more pointed noses, different propellants, etc. Then foreign contracts were often given a separate ‘L’ designation each also. I would speculate that the L43A1 used a more modern propellant (plus probably new type primer), and was given a chronologically appropriate ’L’ designation to fit in with the series. To illustrate, below is an image of a variety of UK issue 7.62 NATO extended blanks with crimped tips & ‘L’ designations on their headstamps. Notice the variations in the style of nose crimps. L-R, they are L10A2 red tip, L10A2 green tip, L13A1 green tip, L13A2 green tip, L13A2 black tip, and L31A1 green tip, Pete.