La vizcaina

Can anybody tell me something about the following shell.
It is a green paper cased 16 ga shell with the following headstamp.

La Vizcaina
C 16

All help would be great.

Regards rené

René, I have never seen boxes or catalogs mentioning this cartridge but I assume it was made for a company in Basque Country, Spain. This is the feminine adjective for someone native to the Biscay Province (Bizkaia in basque, Vizcaya in Spanish).

Landaburu & Co


René, thanks to JP’s post I noted that I have information about this headstamp. It was made for “Ferretería de París”, a general goods store and harware importing company established in Buenos Aires in 1857, which in the 1890’s was owned by Landáburu y Cía., a familiy of Biscay origin. In 1906 its designation changed to Landáburu, Orbea y Cía. with the addition of Casto Orbea, who was also one of the first directors of Orbea y Cía, also established in Argentina that same year.

Hi fede and JP.

Thank you very much for your help.
In the meantime I found the following document.
It has a different name as the one JP has!?

Although it is not the same headstamp as the one I have, ( this is La Vizcaine C.16 )
It is an interesting piece of information.

regards rené

16 La Vizcaina 16 Buenos Aires : was made for Sarachaya Hnos y Cia in Argentina in 1903
12 Ste Munitions Paris 12 Vizcaya : was made for Landaburu et Cie in 1903


René, the information I posted above is actually for shotshells having a “Vizcaya” headstamp, which was the trademark of Landáburu. Those headstamped “La Vizcaína” were made for Saráchaga Hermanos y Cía., another general hardware store of Biscay origin (note that the drawing shows its name wrongly spelled as “Sarachaya”). This trademark was granted on February 19, 1903 and illustrates a typical “Biscayne axe” (broad and curved edge), a term still in use for this type of tools and also as a popular term to refer to very smart persons.

Fede - looking at that misspelling in the cursive lettering above the headstamp drawing, is it possible that what appears to be a “y” is simply a "g with the top of the loop not closed properly? The two letters, in cursive handwriting, are fairly similar. Don’t know why I bring this up; I don’t even collect shotshells.
I am getting too academic. :-(

John, I guess that this was probably copied from a document having a cursive handwriting very difficult to understand, maybe something like a doctor’s recipe.

Hi fede,
Here is a picture of the headstamp on my case.

regards rené

René, thanks a lot for sharing this picture. Which color is the paper tube?

Hi Fede,

It has a green tube without any print.
No topwad since it is a NPE case.

Regards rené