LABBETT Technical Ammunition Guides (and any books)

Is there a listing of these? Does anyone have the set?

Is he still alive? He seemed very prolific.

Peter died quite a few years ago. He was the resident expert on British small arms and cannon ammunition and published many valuable papers and books on these subjects, plus others concerned with SAA. I think I have most of them.

Wish we could get them all scanned into the IAA library. The screen shots of the few I’ve seen look nice.

Who holds the current copyright? You can’t just post and make available freely somebody’s work. I know of one transgressor who makes a living that way and just dares the poor copyright owners to sue him. Pretty low class, if you ask me.

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“Wish” people buy books, one of the best way to learn!😉

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Wish books didn’t go out of print and become unobtanium or $$$

Just for fun…my Ammo Library. Then there are the file cabinets, and newsletters from the ICCA, IAA, ECCC, ECRA, RSACCA, TCCA, not to mention a bunch of auction catalogs and such.


My ammo library before I went digital:


Alex - Wow! I thought I had a good “print” library on ammo. Yours is bigger than mine on Guns AND ammo combined! Great library! I don’t know how anyone could even find time in a lifetime to convert all that to digital.

I have 99 file drawers full of guns and ammunition information, as well as well over a thousand books on the two subjects combined, but don’t even have room for a library like you show. Wonderful thing!


John, most of the books I still have but the Folders are all gone. Just to make room for more originals like catalogs and flyers etc… As you have pointed out space is the key factor here.

“Mine is bigger than your’s” because my field of interest is somewhat wider in terms of ammo as I am interested in all ammo ranging from the pistol cartridge up to strategic missiles and everything inbetween (all times, all countries, all languages).
And the good thing is that basically no hardware collection of the mentioned items is possible so I am happy with documents.

Alex I bow to you, but my scope is much smaller. I only collect below 12.7mm, and I didn’t include my gun books.
I think the point has been well-made, however…you’ve got to do your reading and research.

Why not, here’s most of mine, but just too much stuff in the way, Some / most will be in the next sale & I’ll be able to have a floor again.

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I am starting to feel a little inadequate now…

don’t think so.
I assume that Alex an Pete have stone plates with at least some Egyptian hyroglyphs of course ammunition related on them ;-)