Laflin & Rand Smokeless Powder

I was looking for some information about smokeless powder on another forum, and someone was kind enough to send me this link to an excellent and very comprehensive (and well-illustrated) history on Laflin & Rand, including information about all of their various powders. I saved it in my permanent file for future use. Looks like it might have been something like a masters’ thesis due to its length. … keless.pdf

Dennis - when I open this, it gets to page 3, and no farther, and then pretty much locks up the computer. I have to get completely out of it and the forum to clear the computer. Any ideas? I would like to be able to print it out. I like Arms and Ammunition company histories.

Klaus, the author, collected Laflin & Rand items and decided to write a book…I have an original spiral bound version…


It downloaded just fine for me, I’ll e-mail you the copy.

Thanks Pete. I know I am doing it right. What is to mistake when you only have to click on the site address given? I open tons of material. I suspect it is my server. I seem to have problems with these attachments that no one else has, and yet I don’t have them with everyone, telling me that it is not some mistake I am making in my attempts to open them. I could not get any result clicking on the address for that report on tubular bullets on another thread, either.

John, if you only get to page 3, you closely miss the most interesting page in the book. :-)

Do you have problems only with PDF documents like this and the previous on tubular projectiles? If yes, there is something wrong with your PDF reading program, or the default handling of PDF files in your operating system.
What is your program to read PDF documents? I would recommend de-installing it entirely and re-install a current version. During installation, make sure it is made the standard program for handling PDF files. This might fix the problem.

The click on the document downloads it AND automatically opens it, using your PDF reading program.
You could try a download without automatic opening: click on the link using the right (instead of left) mouse key. Then choose “Save to disk…” in the popup. This downloads it without any additional action. You can later open it manually.

Such large .pdf files can sometimes be too intensive for older computers.

Thank you for sharing, very interesting.

  • Ole

Hi John
Tubular bullets report on it’s way

Great history thanks for posting the link.

Out of interest, it downloaded ok for me too. John, as stated before I would un-install the program (make sure it is all gone) then install the latest version. Also check that you do not have a file size limit from your service provider that could be stopping it (unlikely these days but possible). Did you get it ok from Pete and does it open ok?

Eightbore - I got if both from Pete and from Brian, and thank them. It opens just fine from both of them. This is not the first time that a file from a Forum thread would not open for me, but went sent to me by a good samaritan direct to my email opens perfectly.