Lake City .45 ACP?


Did the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant ever manufacture .45 ACP in either ball or match loadings? I’m hearing some internet chatter about this ammunition being marked as XM1911?



I can’t say if LC manufactures Cal .45 for the US Military, you’d have to ask them. But, regardless, “XM” is the lot number code for contract overruns which they are permitted to sell. It is not the same as the XM designation for experimental cartridges. I don’t know why LC chose to use XM. All it does is confuse things.



The Lake City Product Guide Book states that .45 ACP has not been manufactured there, but equipment for its manufacture exists in Building 4. I don’t know what Building 4 is.


Dang it, dang it, dang it!! Got timed out again.

It could be 45 ACP manufactured by ATK at one of their other facilities. Maybe Anoka?? FC supplied much of the US Military 45 ACP during the last half of the 20th Century and maybe they still do. XM overruns may or may not meet all milspecs. But not unsafe in any way. The rejections are most likely for blemishes and dents. Stuff like that.



The June 1961 manual listing the change point for corrosive to non-corrosive primers had no listings for Lake City .45 ACP ammo. This suggests that LC made no .45 ACP circa 1953 to 1961. One could speculate that perhaps they made some corrosive primed .45 ACP prior to the shift to non-corrosive primers, but even that is just speculation.


Everything is just idle speculation without knowing more about the supposed ammunition. Headstamps would be a good start. There is 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition with the XM lot numbers and I’d almost bet this is more of the same. And, don’t forget the PD and SMQ lot numbers. Same thing only different.



I think these folks are getting “LC” confused with “FC”. All I can find for reference is XM1911 made by Federal…




I agree. I’ts amazing how often non-collectors will confuse LC, FC, and FA headstamps.