Lake City 5.56/7.62 Dummies & WCC 50 Cal Dummy Question

Hello again and thanks for the help.

First some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Some of these have been more weather beaten than others.

These, unfortunately, I didn’t save in time.

Nato cross on the 7.62 but absent on the 5.56. Perhaps someone could refresh my memory as to how much later it was that Nato adopted the 5.56 as official.

My 50 Cal question,

While obviously abused the cartridge on the right still confuses me. I’m more of a shooter than a collector and I’ve seen a great many failures of both guns and ammunition in my time. This however looks like neither. The base is far to smooth to have been ripped or torn off . It begs the question however, if this is some kind of experiment, how did they expect to extract the fired casing ?

I look forward to any insight anyone might offer. This was all found in Canada if that helps.

The Last Photo.;…Case without rim --Machine turned off from fired case… we use such shell for easy fitting belts into Brownings (Both .30 and 50)…Dummies(Inert)off course. It allows the Belt to sit in the feedway properly, Bolt forward, and not fall out, but one does NOT have to cycle the action to remove the Belt ( ie, simply Lift the Cover).

Can also be used in training with Ball ammo, as an Interruptor in a belt ( Case will Not be extracted from Belt and into Bolt face.). Effectively causes a “Stoppage” which the shooter must then clear.

Other Dummy cases (Black stained ones) are Belt “lead ins” for Mini-guns and for Function testing. Filled with Sugar or Sodium Carbonate for proper weight.

Doc AV

Hey thanks Doc.

Makes more sense now. That would be an ugly kind of jam to have to clear in a hurry.

It could be a malfunction dummy like the Danes had them in a whole variety (I do not recall them in .50) to simulate all sort of reasons for stoppages. So far they are the only I know of who officially fielded such dummies.
Those variants I remember were:

  • heavily dented cases
  • separated case head
  • ruptured rim (similar to that .50)
    And there were more than these.

As the US probably bever fielded such devices this one here could be from some sort of tests.

Just a thought.

As a manufacturing mistake, this is not unknown. It seems that these cases rarely escape quality control and reaches the market, but from time to time examples are reported in boxes by different makers, especially in pistol calibers.