Lake City ammo box

I’ve got an empty ammo box and need some help figuring out when it came from.
I believe it came from Lake City based on the research I did but couldn’t figure out much more.
The markings on the box are as follows:
LOT LC L- 39334

Welcome to the forum! Yes, these came from Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (formerly Lake City Arsenal) and contained 250 linked (belted) .30-'06 M2 Ball (~152 grain full metal jacket flat-base bullet) ammunition for a machine gun such as the Browning M1919. Others have production lot information that can track back the time frame - but I’d guess from the late 1950s- mid 60s-ish.

Ranger Joe; A small correction if I may. Prior to the start of the Korean War in 1950, the name was the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. With the large amount of .30-06 needed for Korea, ordnance plants were brought online to augment Frankford Arsenal and their names were changed to Arsenals, except for St. Louis. So the can is from Lake City Arsenal.

During the post-Korean-War period, Lake City, which stayed open, continued making M2 Ball ammunition, using 39000, 35000, and 42000 series of lot numbers. This can’s lot number is in the 39000 series, dating it to after the Korean War. Source: HWS Vol. III, Chapter 5, page 109.

Thanks Mel, I’ve certainly been wrong before. ;-) I am confused though… as of 2019 when I last worked for the Army, they (and LC themselves) referred to it as LCAAP. See their current profile here:

Thanks for the time frame confirmation - my guess wasn’t too far off.

Mel, the information mentioned in HWS about post-war period is correct, but M2 Ball using lots in the 39000 series started during the war and continued after it ended. Lot LC 39334 dates from 1953.



Ranger Joe,

Well, I should have looked a little closer. Here’s an encapsulated 5.56mm dummy made by Lake City, part of Frank Hackley’s ordnance memorabilia. The headstamp is LC 89 (NATO). Obviously, by 1990 the name had been changed back to Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Then I looked at HWS Vol. III, Appendix A’s listing for Lake City on page 569, which explains and dates the various name changes.

“Lake City Arsenal, Independence, Mo. This government-owned, contractor-operated facility was first established in 1941 as an Ordnance Plant, and was closed in August 1945. In September 1950, it was reopened for the Korean War and was redesignated as an Arsenal. The operating contractor during WWII and the postwar period was Remington Arms Co. Between November 1961, and July 1963, it reverted to being an Ordnance Plant, and in August 1963, was finally designated Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, which it remains today. Production peaked during November 1968, with over 211 million rounds of all types and calibers packed out in a single month. During the mid-1970s, the plant was facilitized with the 5.56mm SCAMP manufacturing process, which had the potential of making 1,200 parts per minute on each case and bullet module. In 1986, Remington Arms Co. was replaced by the Winchester Division of Olin Corp. as the operating contractor. The headstamp and lot prefix code of this plant was LC.”

So, your can, which Fede dates to 1953, was made by Lake City Arsenal even though the name was different before and after then. 