Lake City ammo production

Interesting video of ammo production at Lake City- aimed at general audiences but still worth looking at.

John - simplified but well worth watching! Interesting, and the comments of some of the employees touching and encouraging at the same time. Good show! Thanks for posting it.

John Moss

Actually, Chris Punnett sent the link to me, and he is up in the Great White North where they only have an old fashioned phone line, so he was not even sure what was in it!

Actually, it was IAA member Freddie Butt who sent it to me and suggested the website. Thanks Fred… Chris P.

Is it just me or are others having trouble with the link. All I get when I click on it is a 1 x 4 inch black box and the words “closed captioning”.

See if this works any better. Right click and save target as.

That was freaking AWESOME!!! I love that kind of educational video on how things are made. I would go crazy to see the same type of video for large caliber tank ammunition :-). Thanks so much for posting that.