Lake City connection

Hello all! New to the posting here but I have been reading with great interest , all the posts here! Great Stuff!
My Mother and Father-in-Law both worked at the LCAAP from 1960 until he retired in 93 and then She in about 2003 maybe.
He worked in test firings and print shop among various other positions over the years.
SHE worked in final Inspection and shipping and has a pretty long memory of just about anything I asked her. I posed a couple of questions to her that I had read in posts here and she seemed quick with some answers. (sharp lady!) She seems to have first hand knowledge of most labeling and various different rounds created there over that time period! She knew all the color codes right off the bat!!
As I read posts here, I will try to get the info from her and post it in the original thread, so if you see old threads suddenly pop back up, it is because i may have added something there.
I hope that together we can solve many mysteries of LC ammo.
HE gave me a small flechette in the sabot last wknd! I am going to ask her about the Mexican Match ammo first. And see what I can find out.
She is very knowledgeable and seems eager enough to talk about it. Here’s to the future!

Start digging in their basement, no telling what you may find! ;)

Detonation, welcome here. Great to have one more fellow fighting for knowledge!

Just so you know, Mexican Match was not a LC product. When the M118 MATCH first came out, shooters immediately starting looking for ways to make it even better. One way was to pull the Match bullet and insert a commercial bullet, usually the Sierra 168 grain MK. This came to be know as Mexican Match. There are several explanations for the designation, but the real story has eveidently been lost to history. In 1980, the Army introduced the cartridge that was to become the M852 MATCH. It was a duplicate of the Mexican Match. Original Mexican Match cartridges can still be found. I have a full carton and several loose ones as well.

I’d love to hear your mothers version.

Here’s a full carton of Mexican Match loaded by the Arizona State Rifle Team.

Howdy back ! RayMeketa, Yes, I saw that picture of the 173gr., and then, the other box from LC on that same post, that showed the 168gr., and assumed they took on production of those because of that popularity.(so to speak) My knowledge is limited but I had heard that LC Match cartridges had won one year (or two?)in the matches,so I had at least heard about their fame on that. Also her Dad is really proud of that accolade and made sure i knew about it! ;)
They are great folks and she seems to want to talk(;)) about it more than He. I will milk them for all I can, BUT, I need you guys to try and consolidate your questions as to which is most important/mysterious so that I can ask her without “Bugging” them too much. after you do a job for that many years in the heat, and chemical spills and explosions, I am sure they try to erase alot from their memories after this last 15 years or so.
I DO believe that SHE will have information in her head that can help.
Labeling and different cartridges and bullet tips are things she had to keep track of for inspection and shipping and her memory is sharp so I hope this can help.
Please feel free to post all the questions you can/want and We will sort things out so I can ask them.
On another note, She gave me some brochures from LC showing the different cartridges made in 1986 and 1995 and also an “Outplacement Manual 2000”, that appears to be more of an employee benefit type manual,(probably of little interest).
I have not heard much mention of the 20mm HPT on this forum . They have a lavender projectile with a bar-bell or “I” shape. I took some pics but they are rough until I can get better lighting. My Scanner won’t cooperate with Win7.

Sorry it is so large Fellas! I hope they show up!