Lake City Match M72 - 1966

Does somebody have a clear picture/scan of the 1966 M72 carton from Lake City.
I need it for finalizing my series on Eagle match boxes for the IAA journal.
Lot number is LC 12230-12232
If someone has an (empty) box for trade, I would be interested.

Below is a black & white picture of the box out of Marcello’s 30-06 book

I have a full 1966 box, new that I will attempt to scan and/or photograph. However, it is plastic shrink-wrapped (which I did to all my display boxes). I no longer have access to the heat-shrink wrap machine, so I’m reluctant to unwrap the box.

Digital images to follow…

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Perfect, thanks a lot !!!

in case anybody has an empty 1966 box for trade, please let me know.