Lake City Ordnance plant Video … re=related

Just a Production /Packaging Propaganda Video… NO real detail…that is just 5% of the story, packing the finished ammo into Links or clips, etc, and packing in Cans…where is the rest of the operation? ( Drawing, forming, annealing,priming, Powder filling, Bullet seating, etc…???)

This is just like taking 5 minutes out of the Megafactories (National Geographic) one hour Coca-Cola program…Really does not say very much…instead of Cartridges, one could be looking at Bottles of Beer or Coke cans…The Packaging principles are the same…


These ones are a little bit more interesting:

Fiocchi, Italy:
MFS, Hungary:
Norma, Sweden:
Another Norma video:
CCI/Speer, USA:
Winchester, USA:

nice videos