Lancaster, PA Cartridge Show - THIS WEEK!


July is here and the Lancaster, PA show is approaching. Please check the BUY/SELL/TRADE Forum for detailed info. Book your hotel reservations by July 14th to get the reduced Show Rate. Show tables are still available.
Hope to see many of you there. Post, call, or e-mail with questions or for further info.


To all who attend this awesome show, please take GOBS of pictures if you can!!



The show is approaching!!! I hope everyone who wanted one booked their hotel room by the 14th. There are still show tables available. Post, PM, or e-mail any questions.


The show starts this week, can’t wait! If you’re anywhere close, try to get there. Lots of great cartridges to dig through that you’ll never see on a website. Great cartridge people to meet in-person.
See you there!


I am sure your show is going to be fantastic Jon! Please document it with pictures if you can. I’ll be their, “Mentally.”



I’m not known for my photographic skills, but one of us will give it a go.
Please, any visitors from the IAA website, make sure to say hello.


Fired-Up Jon! I hope thier is so cool large bore stuff thier. Have fun!



Well, another show done! Lots of fun, lots of great collector friends, and even a few good cartridges! I hope all the attendees had as good a time as I did. Pics will follow.


Does anyone have any pictures from this show. I wish I could have attended to so I could meet Jon and other IAA members that may have attended :-). I am sure it was very nice.



I posted a few pictures back in August - search the forum for my name and you should find them



Thanks Dave! I remember those pictures now :-) Thank you so much.