Lanes Cartridges - .44 Percussion

I have an unopened packet of Six Lane’s Cartridges .44 Cal for Colt and Remington Percussion Revolvers, Distributor J.C. Stienhagen, Brooten, Minn. I feel quite certain that the packet is modern, made for shooting or reenactors. Can anyone tell me when these would have been manufactured and what type of cartridges the are? Paper combustible I would assume.

J.C. Steinhagen, Brooten, Minn was a member of the ICCA and had a For Sale add in the November 1957 “The Cartridge Trader”.
I live in the same general area in West Central, MN were Brooten, MN located.
I found a nephew of J.C. Steinhagen that knew him back in the 1960s. Mr. Steinhagen died in the early 1970s. His wife and children have also passed away. He was a avid collector of many things including cartridges, tools and steam engines.
No other info to pass on.
Bob R.

I have a picture of a variation of this box labeled “Waterproof & Combustible Cartridges Cal. 44-100, Ball, For Colt and Remington Revolvers, Cal. 44-100” by Lane’s Reloading Service but I can’t find no information regarding this company. I would guess these probably date from the late 1940’s or early 50’s.

A curious aspect of this is the misspelling of Steinhagen’s name. Jack

Thanks to all for the information. I appreciate it very much.

The address of Lane’s Reloading Service was 17 Merrill Street, Newburyport, Mass.