Language question


How do you call in american slang a very poor work ??? So poor work you are wondering it it was not purposely done !
Pig work, bast–d work, shi-y work ???

Indeed I have to writte to google and I want to use the right words.

Not only their american employees don’t know how to read, but they are so stupid they don’ t even open drawings plates when they scan the books !!!

And after they dare to say : “it was carefully scanned by Google”.

It is better to do nothing than to do such a shi-y work.
Because when you ask to a library a document, they answer you that it was already done by google , and therefore refuse to do the job.

The scanning job also is very bad done, many plates and pages are readable in the pdf file but not when you print them or extract them.
If this is the american technology they have no reason to be so proud proclaiming they are the best in the word !

In france we call that Ar-b work !

I have dowloaded more than sixty book (very old books with inestimable info on primitive ctges) which have lost all the usefull info (mostly plates on ctges) because of these idiots.



Crude, shoddy, valueless…


Hum, nothing more hard hitting ?
These are too smoth words for such a work in my opinion



Military have a bunch of neat terms, but all I know is that you guys are in soooo much trouble!!!


How about CRAPPY!


Crappy is a good word.

If you want to be more accurate you can use POS which most anyone will recognize. Literally it means [color=#FF0000]P[/color]iece [color=#FF0000]O[/color]f [color=#FF0000]S[/color]**t.



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I thought you were gone? I got an email from you saying goodbye. So what happened? Didn’t meet the requirements?

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OK, guys, as SLICKRICK said, Here it comes-5-4-3-2-1-[color=#FF0000]KABOOM[/color]. I’ll let stand for a while what has been already been posted, even though it is borderline. But, if you have any more suggestions for JP, put it in an email to him.



We gots intraweb in space, doncha know.


Gee, to keep it on topic, I guess I’d say their work apparently wasn’t worth the powder it would take to blow it to hell!