Lapua CEPP Extra - opinion



What is your opinion about the Lapua CEPP (Controlled Effect Police Projectile) Extra, is this a good defensive round?

From Lapua website:

The CEPP (Controlled Effect Police Projectile) bullet is a special non-ricochet projectile for both pistol target shooting practice and police use. This handgun bullet is trusted by law enforcement professionals around the world. The CEPP bullet is engineered to provide maximum penetration and controlled expansion without risk of ricocheting. CEPP Extra has a pre-cut bullet nose to initiate early expansion; the lead core is not visible at the bullet nose. It provides rapid expansion and excellent weight retention.



Normally, and whenever possible I would always select something like the Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Ranger T-Series, etc…The CEPP is basically for those who can not utilize hollow-point bullets for some regulatory reason. In this case, if I had to choose, I would select the Federal EFMJ / Guard-Dog since those always expanded consistently when I tested them. In the photo below (found online) you can see the CEPP as number #4, and the Federal EFMJ as #5. These results are typical.


And what kind of bullet on the first photo?


If you mean the #1 in the above photo - that is a Fiocchi “EMB” (Enhanced Mono Bloc) solid copper hollow point with center post. Originally produced by Hirtenberger.


I wonder if it can be purchased as a component for independent equipment?)


In many states hollow points are not legally available to purchase or to own, at least for civilians.
In Europe there is plenty of such countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Czechia, etc.
Furthermore, even when JHP are allowed it’s still in many places very difficult to find the loads you exchanged; or they are out of price, per ex. 2 USD+ per round; in the meantime, “normal” JHP such as S&B 115 grs or the Lapua are quite easily findable.

In addition, on the picture you posted figure the CEPP Super – the one without pre-cuts; and not the CEPP Extra this thread is about.



Thanks for the correction on the CEPP type above, I didn’t look close enough. I was surprised that I could not find any photos online of a CEPP Extra bullet having been fired into ballistics gel (people make a hobby out of shooting bullets into ballistics gel in the U.S.) and so I loaded some 120gr CEPP Extra and fired it into my block of gel. It penetrated over 16" and did deform quite a bit. The core separated from the jacket, and they both expanded to make quite a wound track.


That’s not bad at all, considering that in some places you can’t hold JHP, or other expansion ammo, and it’s one of the only “defensive” load available!

Though, was your gelatine block properly calibrated, 10% or 20% (?), was there an intermediate barrier (per eg. jeans)? And what barrel length did you shot from?



The gel block was from Clear Ballistics with no intermediate barrier, and was fired from a Gen-3 Glock-17 at 3 meters distance. I consider the result decent since it is a jacketed expanding projectile.


Thank you for your reply.

Clear Ballistics makes 10% or 20% ballistic gel, which one was it?

I wonder if you can post a video and other pictures about the “experiment”, as you don’t find them on the web?



I will have to try again and do that with a video since the block I used had already been fired into a few times, and so the results might be imperfect. I have both the 120gr and older 150gr CEPP Extra which I could test in gel. I can melt the block and use it multiple times, and I have another block to use as well. I actually don’t know what percentage gel it is, I only purchased them so that I could fire pistol-caliber hollow point bullets into it to display expanded projectiles on my store shelves with ammo for sale. The results have always been decent as far as I can tell, such as the ones shown below.


You are really great ;-)

I would be infinitely grateful if you could test both of them, 120 gr and older 150 gr CEPP Extra, with a video record (HD) and with additional pictures of the test. If possible, try to add some median barrier, as 4LD/heavy clothing, per ex., plywood. I am very interested about this ammo and how it will behave under these circumstances.


P.S.: If you happen to find the Clear Ballistics product packaging and the label on it mentioning the version, please post it.


Video testing expansive bullets for the cartridge (9X19) is also interesting.
Thank you in advance.



I kindly would like to remind you that we are still waiting for the test.

Are you ready to do it soon?



Yes, I have the gel blocks but they are presently shot up with holes and I need to break them down, re-melt them, cool them and pull them from the mold again for more tests. This week I hope.



Any chance to see that cartridge tested?