Lapua headstamps

Checking some cases from my collection I found various Lapua headstamps, which are differ from each other by the style of print.

Why Lapua used such different types for it’s headstamps? May be it was different time periods or lots?
Is it possible to identify the period when each case where made?
When Lapua start to use logo “L in shield” for their cartridge cases?
Who was a customer for cartridge with case #6 (338 Lapua) - military or civilians?

Thanks for any info

Treshkin, there certainly are some variations. Have a look at these two:

That 8x57JRS surprised me. I didn’t realise that Lapua had produced that calibre. It is only shown in my 2004 catalog, not in 2003 or 2007. So that dates the plain style which is similar to the right 7.62x39 .?. The left 7.62x39 has an even smaller font with differant “A”'s. Note that in 2004, SK Jagd- und Sportmunitions GmbH in Germany (affiliated company of Nammo Lapua Oy) changed its name to Lapua GmbH from Nammo Lapua OY.

Maybe not all produced by LAPUA ?

The “L” in shield seems to have appeared with the 338 Lapua Magnum c1987. Has been used sparingly since. eg; 300 Lapua Magnum, 423 DAKOTA-LAPUA.

Certainly some variations.

Thank you very much for great answer!

In europe its not that easy to be sure who really makes what in the ammo world anymore. Even more so when you get down to component level.

There is a bit of a seperate debate going on at the moment in the shooting world regarding the extent of several manufacturers involvement with PPU. The shooters interest is not the same as ours would be. Theirs runs along the lines of “why pay more for brand A when in reality its actually the same stuff as cheaper brand B”. Its more of a debate than you might realise because loyalty to certain brands runs deep. You have people weighing batches of fired cases to try and prove or disprove certain theories.

Myself, I am inclined to believe the conspiracy theorists. Accountants run everything these days .