Large antique cartridge


I have no idea what it is (and I’ve looked around). Shell diametre-13.9mm, length-30.7mm, rim-19.5mm, no markings but there is a small indentation right in the centre of the “headstamp”. I just acquired a bunch of ammo which looks like 1860-1880 period. I am utterly unfamiliar with such old stuff. Is there a good source of knowledge for me to start? Thanks.


It looks like a Model 1865 .50 Maynard. The “indentation” is a small hole for the fire from a percussion cap to ignite the black powder. Many of the rifles were also equiped with the patented Maynard Tape Primer instead of using a percussion cap.


I agree with Ron - definitely .50 Maynard Model 1865.

In the context of the photo, your inquiry about “old stuff,” seems to imply “other than standard configurations?” Some references worth consulting would include Hoyem Vol. I, Lewis, Logan and Thomas. All are good. They overlap in some areas and none “does it all.”



What prevents moisture from entering black powder in .50 Maynard mod.1865 and corroding the round from inside?