Large Brass Tank Shell Casing

Hello all. I was hoping that I could get more information on this very large shell casing that I believe to be from a tank. I can make out the black printing that says TAHK so I believe it is Russian. I live in Toronto, Canada so I am not sure how it got here. I have been using it as an umbrella stand for the past 5 years but now would like to know the value and if there is any interest in it from this group. The site will only allow me to put one image per post I can add more if requested. Thank you for your time.

31” High
5” Wide (at top)
8 kg in weight

This is a Russian 122mm tank gun case for tanks like the IS-2 , IS-3 and others.
This one here was made in 1978 in the USSR (Orsk factory). Quite late for this type and not very common these days.




Thank you for the quick and informative reply. You must be an expert. Have a great day.

Amazing! I too have a brass shell casing that came from my grandfather’s home in Toronto that has been used as an umbrella stand for at least 50 years. Mine is closer to 5.5 inches wide at the top (14 cms) and 70 odd cms long with a rim. Mine says “Polte/Magdeburg/Sp43” So that sounds German, not Russian to me.
Thanks for any advice on this.

You got photos and exact measurements for us?
In particular the exact rim diameter and the case length are needed as well as a good image of the headstamp.
But you better post this in a new thread.

Thanks, I’ll post with pix on a new thread