Large Caliber Ammunition Display Turntable Concept

In case others may be interested, I came up with a cheep, cool way to display large artillery shells or other big ammunition items. Most of my favorite items in my collection are sectioned and I am constantly rotating them around to see either the sectioned side or the intact side. I wanted to put them on a low profile turntable display stand so I could easily spin them with out having to pick them up and turn them. Since space is limited were I display my collection, I typically place them very close together so I had to find a turntable that was exactly the same size as the headstamp area and not extend past it. I looked online but only found larger turntables. I decided I would nerd and try and build one myself via a Home Depot trip (My fav store). I also wanted to design a turntable with a super low center of gravity to minimize tip-over reality. Anyhow, this is what I came up with and so far they work great. For the 120MM cases, the base is 6.5 inches wide so I used a 6.5 inch metal grinder wheel mounted to a 4" Lazy Susan using Gorilla Glue. For the 105MM cases which are 5.75 inches wide, I used a 5.5 inch circle saw blade mounted to a 4 inch Lazy Susan. Then, I glued a cork circle over the top to minimize slipping. Hopefully cork is a safe material? Here are some pics. Each one costs about $6.00.

This pic shows the bottom of the 105MM turntable using the saw blade mounted to a lazy susan with a cork top.

Same with the 120MM using the grinder wheel.


Jason–That is a real neat idea of a novel way to display your big stuff. The only comment I would make is about the cork. It is most likely fine for the steel & brass cartridge cases, but should not be used in drawers, etc. Cork has a fairly high tannin content which is one of the chemicals that corrodes lead bullets.

As for the purchasing of the “Lazy Susan” part, if you are going to make very many, you might check online for a company that provides parts for making furniture or table top servers using “Lazy Susan” bases. If you bought a case (Like maybe 12 or 24) at a time, it might be cheaper than Home Depot. Just a thought.

Thanks so much Ron! I was worried about the cork as I remember a past post on the dangers of housing some ammunition in or near some types of wood. I like the idea of finding the Lazy Susan’s in bulk vs Home Depot. I bet EBAY may even have a deal on them? Thanks for the great idea.


Jason…Cool bit of engineering…wanna patent it ???..I’ll do the drawings and write the case for you !!

jason, you might also look at the materal mechanics use in their tool box drawers…many different types i’ve found…the stuff from Harbor Freight works best in my boxes…

Thanks Randy and khege. To funny about the patents :-)

khege, I will totally check out Harbor Freight for better materials for the top.


Jason–Some other possible non-skid materials which you might consider are the ribbed rubber matting for walkways. A yard or two cut to the size you need would make a LOT of pads. Another thought is outdoor carpet. It is thin and would make good pads. If you go to a store that installs carpet you can probably get all the 6 to 10 inch wide trimmings you want for free. These trimmings are scrap for them but would be plenty large enough for your needs.

Awesome ideas Ron! I like both of them. I think the rubber would have the best non-skid attributes?


I have a friend that could possibly make an acrylic version of this, using two pieces of Acrylic sheet with steel ball bearings set between them then a rubber mat could be put on top as a non slip surface, also the rubber mat could be used underneath or small non slip feet added.

If there’s some interest in something like this I will have a word to my friend and see what it would cost to do something like that.

What sort of sizes would be the most popular?

I guess the little stands could be used to display all sorts of ammunition such as Grenades, Small arms, Cannon, tea pots etc.

Now I am sure those would be awesome! Much nicer then my saw blades and grinder blades. Functionally, they are great and working really well. I am sure the concept would be great for displaying a wide range of inert ammunition items, especially heavy stuff. I was surprised to read on the Lazy Susan package that it was rated at 400 pounds for the 4 inch version. For those that collect the real heavy Navy projectiles these stands would be great. The Acrylic sheet design sounds sweet.


Jason–Actually I would think the carpet would be the more skid resistant. I am talking about that thin mat-type indoor-outdoor carpet about 1/8 inch thick often used on patios, etc. over concrete.

That astrotuff stuff?

Jason–No, not astro-turf. That usually has some pile to it. What I am thinking of is flat with no pile or maybe only 1/16 inch or so. It almost looks like felt.

Ok, I think I know what you are referring to. I will check out Home Depot. Really appreciate your help.

Jason–If you go to a carpet store (one that does instaliation) instead of Home Depot, as I mentioned, you can probably get scraps for free.

So true! I will check one out. Great idea!