Large Caliber center fire, rimmed, straight case ID help


Working to identify a large collection or cartridges from a ranch site in Sonora Mexico that dates from 1844 - 1940. More than 400 cartridges recovered. Most have been easy to identify with the standard references (Barnes, etc.)

I have a group of 5 rimmed, straight case, center-fire with the following measurements:

rim diameter: 0.752 in.
base diameter: 0.662 in.
case height: 1.212 in.

There is no head-stamp. The face is flat; the fired examples have a small depression from the firing pin more or less in the center. In the one example which has not been crushed flat, the inside shows a flat base with two small rectangular holes in it. In the references I have, there are several which come close; however, all are much longer than these.

I also have a group of 9 more which are slightly smaller:

rim diameter: 0.632 in.
base diameter: 0.574 in.
case height: 1.071 in.

Five of this second group have been fired; there is a somewhat larger round firing pin depression, but on the rim.

Any suggestions?

Richard White
Costa de Hermosillo Ranch Project