Large caliber U.S. Navy case headstamps

A while back I was asked for photos of any lage caliber U.S. headstamps.
Here are some from 3"/50 to 8"/55 caliber.

Great pic’s Bill! Thanks!


Thank you very much.I appreciate this a lot!
Can you tell me more about the Catapult case?

The U.S Navy had 5"/51 caliber guns and also used the charge to launch planes fron catapults.
There were both bag and case type 5"/51 caliber guns.
The WW2 era battleships like the Arizona had 5"/51 guns as secondarys.
They were used on other ships as well including submarines.

My case was reloaded twice as shown by the “R” stamp and subsequent * mark. It was loaded was a catapult charge as well. I’m guessing it was a reduced charge as compared to what the guns used when firing projectiles.

Here are 2 scans showing the 5"/51 gun ammunition as well as a ships catapult.