Large calibers

A few months ago, I had published some pictures of large calibers on the buy/sell forum. It’s not my kind of collecting but finally I had decided to bought the whole lot.
Once I had it in my hands I discovered some nice items and I want to share them on the forum, so below it is. Thanks for your comments and don’t hesitate to share some informations about them.

37x148R model 1938

not sure it’s the right shell with this case

37x201R model 1902

armor piercing bullet model 1916

37x201R model 1902

incendiary anti-ballon high sensitivity fuze

37x201R model 1902

explosive with base fuze model 1917D

37x201R model 1902

incendiary anti-ballon

37x201R model 1902

armor piercing explosive with base fuze model 1892

37x210R model 1902

small primer hole, dummy?

37x250R Pak 36

old kind with steel base

37x250R Pak 36

Is somebody know what the symbol with R86 means?

37x265 Flak 18

37x268R model 1934

bullet with gren paint and 33 in red, shorter shell than german’s ones. Is it a czech’s kind?

37x268R model 1934

german’s manufacture of czech’s shell

37x278R french model 1925

you can see the magnesium’s tip Under the ballistic’s cap

I was not able to identify this case.
neck diameter: 51,40 mm
rim diameter : 77,28 mm
case lenght : 330 mm
shoulder lenght : 260mm

Hope you will enjoy this stuff!
wish to read you soon!


This is a APHE for the German 37x265B AA Flak 18, 36, 43 and does not belong to the Czech case.
Somebody stuffed random things together.

The “R86” stamp on that other case is an acceptance stamp which was used for a short time instead of the typical “WaA”.

Thank you alex for the signification of the “R86”.
In fact, I have 4 APHE shells pictured below.
the first three are on 37x250R cases.
I aso have two HE,tracer shells on 37x268 cases pictured on my first post (completely different shells)
And finally, I have two 37x268R cases made in czech republic under german control (headstamped P14). One of these have an APHET’s shell of czech’s design and the other one have the last APHE shell pictured below.
Wich one as is clearly different,whereas the total lenght is the same, the driving’s band is part of the shell and is clearly highter than the one’s with the copper’s band, so I wonder if different design wouldn’t be made for the longer czech’s cases!

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I am not sure what you mean now. The one on the right is definately for the German 37x265B Flak case and not related to the Czech 37mm case.
Also you will find that the crimp grooves of the Czech case does not match this projectile.

Thank you, with your explanations and the drawing ,now everything is clear for me.
So the first three shells are for 37x250R guns and the last one is for the 37x265R.
Sorry for my poor english, it must be hard to understand what i try to mean…

Laurent, no problem at all.
When we all work together things can be clarified.

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37x278r mle 25. Maybe you have a info about Mx Cin markings of product.?

No sorry, nothing except that Mx stand for “Moulineaux”, the town where the SFM (société française des munitions" was established.

Re. the 37 x 278R Mle 1925: yes, the case was developed for the French naval AA guns, but it was also adopted for the Army’s Mle 1934 Casemate gun for mounting in fortifications. The APC projectile shown appears to be for the Mle 1934, which is described as having a steel shot with a magnesium windscreen. Weight of the projectile is given as 900 g and muzzle velocity 815 m/s.

Is somebody able to provide me some informations about the kind of case of the 37x210R caliber shown above?
And some informations about the 50x330R case, type of gun and pictures of a loaded round?

50x330R? Maybe you mean the German 50x333R naval gun?

You should be right as I didn’t know anything about this case. But juste above “Polte” there is a M under a crown, which if I’m correct stand for the kriegsmarine. But the case is definitely 330mm long.

Is it this one?

No sorry, the one i speak about is the one shown above in my first post, definitely a ww1’s case.

It is the same case.
Designated C/95 or “Patronenhülse 95”.

Thank you for these informations, so these cases were used in both ww1 and ww2 and only the primers changed?

Yes, used till 1945. And I actually never saw a case made after 1918. So it is entirely possible that WW1 cases were used till 1945 and no new ones made.

Ok,thank you for the identification. hope someone could provide a picture of the complete load.